31 Mayıs 2015 Pazar




We observed some environmental problems around our world. We examined the people’s approach to this issues and we realized that there is a lack of consciousness to the environment related problems. We decided to point out these problems. First of all, we observed our campus and we conduct a survey. This survey includes not only our campus but also other university’s campuses. The survey measures the environmental awareness among the students of these universities. Also, we want to measure in what extent the universities care about the environmental issues.
We formed a fishbone diagram to discover what the possible causes of this lack of awareness might be. In order to determine the elements of the fishbone diagram, we conducted a brainstorming session as a group. Also, we created a matrix diagram. For this diagram, we voted the possible causes of these problems. According to results that we elicited from the voting, we decided that the biggest issue is the lack of awareness. Therefore, we decided to focus mostly on this matter as a group.
Then, we conduct a literature review on these issues. We found out that the society’s awareness of these problems is not enough. However, we discovered that the university students are willing to deal with these environmental issues but there is no appropriate project or campaign that leads them.
 Lastly, we presented our project in the class. While we were brainstorming about an innovative beginning for the presentation, we decided on an idea that arriving class earlier and put some trash around the class, then we asked the class “Are there anything that disturbs you in the class?” We aim at measuring the awareness of our classmates towards the pollution.

As a result, we conclude that the environmental projects are essential for the awareness of the people and there must be far more projects and campaigns for raising this awareness. After all, we live in this world and there is no other world to be live or protect. Let’s protect our world together!